Season Shows

February : McGill Drama Festival

Players Theatre’s annual McGill Drama Festival is FINALLY here!
This is the only place to find entirely student-written, -directed, -produced and -performed shows on campus.

This year, we celebrate 30 years of the McGill Drama Festival!

There will be three shows per night at 7pm with a ten-minute intermission between each play.

All six shows will be performed on Saturday February 17th, during our Round Robin. After the performances, the Colin Krivy Award For Playwriting will be presented to the winner for best play!

6$ for a ticket to one night of three shows for students/10$ General Admission.

The shows run Wednesday February 7th - Saturday February 10th & Wednesday February 14th - Saturday February 17th.

HOW TO RESERVE A TICKET: You can buy tickets online at or at the door!

If you have any questions about the festival do not hesitate to contact the MDF coordinator, Gretel Kahn, at!


Wednesday February 7th at 7pm:
Immaculate Contraception
Ground Control
My Children

Thursday February 8th at 7pm:
Immaculate Contraception
Brunch: The Musical

Friday February 9th at 7pm:
Ground Control
Pinot Noir

Saturday February 10th at 7pm:
My Children
Pinot Noir

Wednesday February 14th at 7pm:
Immaculate Contraception

Thursday February 15th at 7pm:
Pinot Noir
Ground Control
My Children

Friday February 16th at 7pm:
Pinot Noir

Saturday February 17th at 2pm:

2: Brunch
3: My Children
4: Ground Control
5: Immaculate Contraception
6: Suzanne
7: Pinot Noir
8: Award Ceremony!


BRUNCH: THE MUSICAL by Vitta Morales
Music by Vitta Morales and William Karras
Directed by Harry Skinner
Starring: Nathaniel Kiehn, Michelle Rasidescu, Victoria Stevens, Rob Dow, Chrystal Zhang, Miles Keily-Baxter, Kiana Brett

GROUND CONTROL by Otman Benchekroun
Directed by Huxley Anjilvel
Starring: Ana Krutchinsky, Asher Selznick, Emma Barbisan, Ian Kaye, Tess McNeil, Erick Pelayo Aubert, Maya Keshav, Sophia Gauvin

Directed by Steven Greenwood
Starring: Emma Broderick, Jacob Hutnyk, Mary Looney, Marc Mekhanik, Julia Lesser, Caroline Portante

MY CHILDREN by Lucas Amato
Directed by Saeesh Mangwani
Starring: Nick Vecchione, Clara Saliba, Luke Horton, Jade Corriveau, Emily Vaillancourt, Kobi Pollard, Jayden Rae

PINOT NOIR by Steven Greenwood
Directed by Samantha Szabo
Starring: Alex Czegledy, Hazel Neil, Julien Ferry-Thévenet, Charlotte Ebsary, Arielle Shiri, Antoine Guimbal

SUZANNE by Jonathan Dick
Directed by Thomas Fix
Starring: Francesca Scotti-Goetz, Elan Schwartz, Nick Fontaine